Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Working @ 23 But Still Penniless

I m 23, a young professional with a handsome salary but is struggling to save. Savings never come easily & if you have age on your side it becomes all the more difficult. This is not only my story , instead most of the youngsters fall into this category.

Ironically, the age to save is also the age to spend. So what exactly has brought about this trend. Did anyone ever wondered why?. The answer to this lies in the marketing strategies that are chalked out keeping the working youth, with deep pay packets in mind. They are the one who can be moulded easily & brought into the hit area to be targetted by the "hungry for more profits" companies.

I always watch the AXE advertisement & fantasize a lot. I bought so may of them but never did even one of them worked out as it did in the advertisement & as was expected by me. I introspected, I thought (which i generally dont do much), I googled only to realize that it was not the AXE Effect but the Marketing Strategies that caught me, we youngsters in the loop.

I can give similar examples where the effect is in true essence created by the marketing strategies that work behind the scenes ,not by the product that meets the eye. These strategies have debarred me from savings & made me what i call "Working @23 But Still Penniless".

In the end, I should also commit that there are Marketing strategies adopted by finance companies that may prompt me to save, but till now i have always tried to overlook them & chose to be driven by the spending strategies.....Not good on my part, but U guys start saving as u never know when late becomes very late.

Have great savings ahead!

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