Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Reservation for women in politics

The issue raises a serious question, that even after 60 yrs of our independence the women in this country - where goddess Kali the symbol of feminine shakti is worshipped & revered - havent got the necessary representation in the country politics. This country never rose above the patriarchy inherited from generations 2 generations.

Now that we are living in the most modern era - a transformational era in itself -the demand is to advocate equal rights for women,bring them out of supression,give them the change that they have longed for centuries,give them their freedom which till now have been a subject of men whims & why should i say give it rather they should have it.

Indian women are achieving unprecedented success ( such as Indra Nooyi,Kiran Mazumdar Shaw,Shahnaz Hussain,Chanda Kocchar,Mira Nair,Arundhati Roy & Medha Patkar) ,they are proving themselves one knotch above men wherever they have had the chance to make an impact-balancing their family duties with their professional responsilities.Now that issue of granting reservation to women in politics has come to the fore-should not this be done at the earliest,no point in hosting a debate over it, its completely unnecessary.Though its unfortunate that every social change is brought about by giving reservation instead of promoting awareness , education & empowerment through other mediums. The reservation if approved will be a political gimmick that the needful has been done for womens.I wonder how much it will improve the ground situation ?,how much will it dignify & empower them? .However it will atleast boost up the moral & confidence of women.Women will have a greater say in politics ,law making & women interest will be taken much more care in the male dominating societal framework which may hence lead to a social change.

Today womens are no more child bearing machines,they have aspirations,they have dreams,they are donning different roles ranging from small village level entrepreneur to working at top level post in MNC's.They have become a force to reckon with.If so much is being done by women's than why reservation for women in politics is being delayed. Almost every political party has tried to dilly-dally Women's Reservation Bill. Each of them coming out of their own viewpoint either to oppose or to create hurdles in the way to it becoming a Law.I personally feel that they should stop it before women patience runs out.

Giving them their due rights is the call of time. Its time to honour the women for the hardships they undergo. Its time to integrate them like never before into the mainstream politics. Its time to have an egalitarian society for our mother & sisters.

I salute to the never say die spirit of women who even after bearing so much compromise & supression are still moving ahead. Hail thee!


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